Privacy Policy (updated February 1, 2019)


This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices for the Phlora app.


Information collection, use and sharing


Phlora does not collect any data, personal or otherwise, on the user's device to transmit off the device or share with anyone.  If the user grants permission to Phlora, the app may access the device's Photo library to allow the user to imbed a photo into a phylogenetic tree. User photos are never transmitted off the device. The user is also also allowed to load images and tree files into Phlora from either the device or from iCloud via the Apple Files app, but Phlora does not transmit images or trees to any other destination for any purpose. The user has access to the Phlora remote database to download image collections to Phlora, but no uploads are permitted. Phlora does not use Location Services, any health related APIs, or access the device's camera or microphone.